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Meeting Mix-Up: Trump Confuses Big Bum Kim With Big Bombs Kim

A confused president invites Kim “Keister” Kardashian to White House instead of Kim Jong-Un

In an effort to get any Kim to show up for a meeting with him, the president flew Kim K. and her caboose to the White House. (Credit: and

In a diplomatic gaff likely to have global repercussions, President Donald Trump confused Kim Jong-Un and Kim Kardashian on Wednesday, inviting the vacuous reality TV star to a White House summit meeting instead of the North Korean leader.

“I just wanted to get a Kim in here to make a deal, and the Kim with the big badonkadonk is a lot easier to look at than the doughy Kim with the kimchi haircut,” Mr. Trump said on Thursday, attempting to explain his foreign policy faux pas. “Bottom line is, a Kim showed up and that’s all my base cares about, because neither of us knows the difference anyway. It was a win-win.”

While Kardashian West is not known for her foreign policy expertise, she does have an ample patootie. (Credit:

Experts in foreign relations say that President Trump’s mistaking Kim Kardashian for Kim Jong-Un is an insult likely to derail any future talks between the two leaders, one that could have resulted in North Korea suspending its nuclear weapons program and de-escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.

“I don’t know what all the grumbling is about,” added Mr. Trump. “I saw a chance to get a great tuckus into the Oval Office and I took it. Any normal guy would have done the same thing. If Rocket Man doesn’t want to meet with me, then he can find his own bubble butt.”

No word from North Korean representatives as to whether they’ll be sending their Kim to meet with President Trump this month.

But Kim Kardashian called her meeting with the president “fruitful,” then posted about it on Instagram.


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