Man Finds Old Sock He Lost In Belly Of Bluefish

Martin Feld calls it “the catch of my life” as lone sock turns up after seven years

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Good catch! Martin Feld of South Carolina holds a 38lb. bluefish that he later discovered had ingested his old sock.

A sports fisherman got the surprise of his life when he cut open a nice sized bluefish off the coast of Florida over the weekend and discovered a sock he says has been missing for seven years.

“It’s a miracle, honestly,” says Martin Feld, who was vacationing in Tampa, but lives in the coastal town of McClellanville, SC. “And it was definitely my black Hanes sock because my wife sewed up the toe once using pink thread, so it was unmistakable. I didn’t like it at that time, but now I’m grateful.”

Feld says that as best as he can remember, he put a load of wash in at home and when he was matching up socks later on, the one with the patched toe was missing. “I looked all over the place for it, but it never turned up,” says Feld. “Somehow it must have gotten caught in the outlet hose, passed through the sewer system, and ended up in the sea. And this here bluefish swallowed the sock and swam all the way around Florida with it in his gut. What are the chances?”

Asked if he still has the matching Hanes sock at home, Feld said, “I think so, cause I can’t throw anything away. My wife hates that about me, but now she might feel otherwise.”

Feld added that there was also a lifeguard’s whistle, a #2 pencil, and a Dr. Scholl’s foot pad in the belly of the bluefish, all of which he discarded.


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