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Looking Confused, President Walks Into Vietnamese Dinner Wearing Only Pajamas

Exhausted from a long overseas trip, staffers say President Trump has been acting erratic and more foolish than usual

With his Secret Service detail scrambling, President Trump shuffled into a state dinner uncharacteristically underdressed. (Credit:

It’s been a long trip to Asia for President Donald Trump, and the fatigue finally caught up with him on Friday night when he doddered into a state dinner in Da Nang, Vietnam wearing only a pair of blue silk pajamas.

Onlookers at the event were shocked to see the U.S. president in anything but his signature dark suit, white shirt, and red tie.

On Thursday, the president fell asleep mid-sentence while giving a speech in China. (

Many are now asking why his handlers, in particular White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, didn’t stop the president before he embarrassed himself in front of the world by leaving his hotel room in nothing but his jammies.

“He’s a grown man and despite his six-year-old mentality, I can’t watch and control him every minute,” explained a frustrated Kelly. “I took a quick bathroom break and when I got back, the president had already left the room and stumbled into the state dinner.”

Some wondered if Mr. Trump’s PJ parade was a tacit show of support for his longtime friend, Harvey Weinstein, who would often greet his sexual assault victims in nothing but a bathrobe or open pajamas.

Another theory is that the president wanted to look half-asleep intentionally, so no one would ask him about dodging the draft in the 1960’s and thus avoiding service in the Vietnam War.

But Mr. Kelly assured reporters that the president’s pajama faux pas was merely the result of Mr. Trump being bone-tired after making multiple diplomatic stops in Asia over the past week and sleeping very little due to consecutive, all-night Twitter barrages.

Members of the White House traveling staff say they’re looking forward to returning to Washington in the next few days where the president can resume humiliating himself out of the international spotlight.


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