“Kindergarten Militia” Prepares To Storm Washington If Hillary Is Elected

Members of toddler task force say they are ready to “defend our Lego forts to the death” if Clinton goes for gun-grab

Kyle Burke leads a Kindergarten Militia unit training in the backwoods of Tennessee. Burke says, “We are prepared to take the White House by force — as long as we can do it after my soccer practice on Saturday.”
Sonny Merchane thinks it is unlikely that “the Feds will shoot a bunch of little kids.” That’s why he likes the chances of his mini-militia in a National Guard firefight.
Four-year-old Josh Woler of the Virginia KM said he was going to shoot Hillary “right in the butt, the minute I get this deer rifle turned around.”
When asked who the enemy was, 6-year-0ld Carly Tompkins held up a photo of four young Afghan boys she called the “Muzzle M’s.”
Moments after this photo was taken, little Katie Monroe (middle) was inconsolable after putting a bullet through the head of her favorite American Girl doll. “My Uzi shooted by assident,” she cried.

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