Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on their first date in 2007. The woman to Jared’s left worked for Match.com and was recording their conversations, first at dinner in Tribeca, then at Bowlmor Lanes in Greenwich Village where they kissed, and finally here at the movies where Jared drank the best water.

Truth In Satire

Jared And Ivanka’s First Date: The Transcript

Match.com releases bombshell tape of lurid “deal spiel” between Trump’s daughter and NY real estate scion

Ivanka wearing her little French number to create the impression that she’s sophisticated and cultured when she’s actually as crude, lewd, and rude as her licentious father.
Jared has been going along with the grand plan of the Trump clan despite some slight misgivings as an Orthodox Jew in dealing with a notoriously Jew-hating Vladimir Putin.
Early in their relationship, Ivanka kept her hand up the back of Jared’s shirt so she could work him like a hand puppet in any direction she wanted to go.
Donald Trump says he learned early from his father that Jews aren’t real people “otherwise I would have taken him under my wing like he was one of my own sons — he’s truly one of the nicest koshies I’ve ever done business with.”

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