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Is Your President A Narcissist?

This quiz from an acclaimed psychologist will help Americans determine if Donald Trump has a serious personality disorder

Many people have been asking themselves lately, is Donald Trump a pathological narcissist?

It’s a great question, and for the answer, we turned to Dr. Ramani Durvasula and her bestselling book Should I Stay or Should I Go? for the answer. The quiz below was adapted from her book and is used to determine if a romantic partner should be given their walking papers. But it works just as well for a president.

So, here you go. Answer “fuck yes” or “hell no” to the following questions:

1. Does your president seem cold or unfeeling in the face of your feelings or the feelings of other people, or does he seem to have difficulty understanding the feelings of other people? FUCK YES. NARCISSIST!

2. Does your president talk about his life, accomplishments and work in an exaggerated or larger-than-life way? DEFINITELY. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE KING OF THE NARCISSISTS HERE!

3. Is your president arrogant and convinced of his superiority over other people? ARE YOU KIDDING. HE IS ARROGANCE PERSONIFIED!

4. Does your president believe that he is entitled to special treatment in all areas of his life? Does he become angry when this special treatment is not accorded to him? HE’S A BIG BABY WHO POUTS AND HAS TANTRUMS IF HE DOESN’T GET HIS WAY. COULD HE BE A NARCISSIST?

5. Does your president manipulate people and situations to get his needs met, with little regard for the feelings of other people? DUH…YES. HE SHOULD CHANGE HIS NAME TO PRESIDENT NARCISSIST!

6. Does your president often think that people are out to get him or take advantage of him? TWO WORDS: ROBERT MUELLER.

7. Is your president able to hand out criticism easily, but has a hard time hearing even the slightest feedback without becoming defensive and even angry? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

8. Does your president do bad things and not feel guilty about them or even have any insight into the fact that these were not nice things to do? YOU MEAN LIKE VICIOUSLY MOCKING A REPORTER WITH A DISABILITY AND THEN NEVER APOLOGIZING?

9. Does your president need constant admiration and validation, such as compliments, awards and honors, and does he seek it out (for example, through social media or constantly letting people know about his achievements)? OH, MY GOD, I’M LAUGHING HERE. DOES HE NEED CONSTANT ATTENTION? HE’S THE PRIMA DONALD!

10. Does your president regularly lie, leave out important details or give you inconsistent information? NO, NO, NOT OUR PRESIDENT. WELL, OKAY, SOMETIMES HE TELLS LITTLE WHITE LIES. BUT LITTLE ONES. ON AN HOURLY BASIS.

11. Is your president an expert showman, making a big show of everything he does? UH, LET ME THINK FOR A SECOND — ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!

12. Is your president greedy and materialistic? Does he covet more things and more money and stop at little to achieve these things? FOUR WORDS: GOLD ENCRUSTED TRUMP TOILET.

13. Is your president emotionally cold and distant? Does he become disconnected, particularly at times when you are experiencing or showing strong emotion? MELANIA, CAN YOU COME IN HERE FOR A MOMENT? WE HAVE A QUICK QUESTION FOR YOU.

14. Does your president frequently second-guess you or doubt you to the point that you feel like you are “going crazy?” AMERICA, CAN YOU COME IN HERE FOR A MINUTE?

15. Does your president regularly avoid taking responsibility, and is he quick to blame others for his mistakes? LIKE WHEN HE BLAMES ALL OF HIS MISTAKES ON OBAMA? YEAH, THAT SOUNDS LIKE OUR MAN.

16. Is your president vain and absorbed with his appearance or how he displays himself to the world? IS THERE ANY OTHER EXPLANATION FOR THAT HAIR?

17. Are your president’s moods, behaviors and lifestyle unpredictable? Do you frequently feel like you do not know what is coming next? THIS IS A QUESTION ABOUT HIS TWEETS, RIGHT?

18. Does your president enjoy watching other people fail? Does he take glee in the idea that someone’s life or business is not going well? CALLING PEOPLE A “LOSER” IS HIS CLAIM TO FAME. DOES THAT COUNT?

19. Does your president have poor boundaries with other people? Does he maintain inappropriate relationships with friends and co-workers, and keep doing this even when he is told that this is uncomfortable for you? SERIOUSLY? THIS IS THE GROPER-IN-CHIEF. HE NEVER SAW A BOUNDARY HE DIDN’T CROSS.

20. Has your president ever been sexually or emotionally unfaithful? LET’S SEE, WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN…

If you answered “yes” to 15 or more of these questions, you likely have a pathologically narcissistic president. If you answered “yes” to 18 or more of these questions, then it’s imperative that you push for immediate impeachment.


Thanks to all the many readers, fans, followers, and even my frenemies, for reading and commenting on my posts throughout the year as I continue my commitment to post every day, 7-days-a-week until the Orange Accident is out of our hair.

I read every comment. And I try to answer as many as possible.

Thank you.


Note: The questions in this post were adapted from Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Surviving a Relationship with a Narcissist, by Ramani Durvasula, PhD.

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