Iowa Woman Says Sen. Elizabeth Warren Stole “Nasty Feet” Line From Her

Louisa Bockers of Cedar Rapids says she’s been known as “Mrs. Nasty Feet” for decades, demands apology from senator

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Louisa Bockers says she’s had “nasty feet” long before Sen. Warren got a hold of the term.

At a New Hampshire rally today supporting Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren attacked Donald Trump, telling a partisan crowd, “We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.” Warren was referencing Trump’s remark in last week’s debate when he called Clinton a “nasty woman.”

While it was a powerful moment for Warren, one woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa wasn’t too happy with the popular senator’s rallying cry. Louisa Bockers, aka Ms. Nasty Feet, says her entire identity has been built around her startlingly ugly feet for most of her life and she doesn’t think Warren should get to “throw the term around whenever and wherever she feels like it, especially for political purposes.”

Bockers says that people from all over the country drop by her remote farmhouse to view her hideous feet, “I’m a damn local tourist attraction.” Bockers’ son, Derrick, added that he once submitted a photo of his mother’s feet to the Guinness Book of World Records, but they rejected her claim to having “the world’s most repulsive feet,” saying a man in Liverpool, England has feet so disgusting people faint and vomit at first sight.

Asked what caused her feet to become so vile and disfigured, Bockers said, “Oh, it wasn’t nothing — just don’t wash your feet or cut your toenails for a few years, they’ll look just like this.”

A call to Senator Warren’s office for a response was not returned.

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