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In Gesture Of Goodwill, Trump And Kim Swap Haircuts

Unusual exchange at start of Singapore summit is meant to show that neither man is working with a full head of hair

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The historic hair swap is a hopeful sign that a breakthrough could occur at the negotiating table. (Credit:

a powerful and somewhat comical demonstration of their sincere intent to work together toward peace and conciliation, President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un of North Korea swapped hairstyles at the start of their historic summit in Singapore.

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It is reported that Mike Pompeii traveled secretly to N. Korea in late May to see if Kim Jong-Un would agree to the hair swap. (Credit:

“It’s obvious that both men want to walk away from these talks triumphant, with tangible results for their countries as well as some Instagram worthy photographs,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the eve of the meetings. “You don’t trade silly haircuts unless you’re serious about a successful diplomatic outcome.”

Professor Barbara Klemport, an expert on North Korean culture and history who teaches at Oxford University in England, offered this perspective. “Kim Jong-Un’s willingness to wear a Western style haircut that is also one of the most ridiculed hairstyles in modern history says so much about the sincerity of his mission to Singapore. He wouldn’t debase himself in this way if he didn’t come ready to negotiate.”

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Mr. Trump happily told his staff that his new hairdo made him look “more Nazi-ish.” (Credit:

Likewise, many who know Donald Trump say that allowing his heavily guarded tresses to be died and cut in anticipation of his meeting with the North Korean leader is already a hopeful sign that a breakthrough could occur at the negotiating table.

“No one in his inner circle can believe Mr. Trump has gone to this extent to show respect to a communist dictator,” said a close adviser to the president, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Up until now, only Ivanka has been allowed to run her fingers through her father’s hair. To break this sacrosanct rule, President Trump has clearly had to do a lot of soul searching, perhaps even had a few therapy sessions.”

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Mr. Trump has told friends that he is “grateful to be taking a break from this demented hair of mine.” (Credit:

However, Prof. Klemport did offer this cautionary note: “Both men are putting themselves in extremely vulnerable positions by agreeing to this hair swap. If all goes well, the gesture will be remembered for generations for its historic importance. If not, it will be, as they say in diplomatic circles, ‘hair today, gone tomorrow.’”


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