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In England, “Trump” Means Fart — And Other Notable Translations Of The President’s Last Name

Allan Ishac


President Trump cut a stinky one at a White House dinner with new British Prime Minister, Theresa May — which is appropriate since “trump” means “fart” in cheery old England.

Our president’s last name appears, with minor variations, in dozens of foreign languages. The translations are not always flattering, but our thick-skinned president loves a good laugh and never takes offense. Have a look:

Norwegian: Trump or trumpa translates as “a smelly substance picked up in the street that one cannot easily scrape off the bottom of a shoe.” Usage: “Your boots are covered in dog trumpa, please leave them outside!”

Catalan: Trumpello means “the color yellow” and, alternately, “urine, but only in the context of a golden shower.”

Mandarin: Trump-hao has two possible meanings, “a dangerous escalation in tensions triggered by a minor trade dispute” or, simply, “escalator.” Example: “Don’t let your extra long tie get caught in the trump-hao.”

Danish: The Danes use the word trumpsen to convey the feeling of sadness or it can be translated more concisely as “SAD!”

Polish: Trumpczyk is defined as “huge or enormous,” as in ‘The crowds for the inauguration were trumpczyk!’”

Vietnamese: In this Southeast Asian language, trumpyen denotes “rust caused by oxidation and moisture” or “rust that forms on a democracy when it is not used enough or is neglected.”

Russian: The playful word trumpovski means “puppet” or “pawn” in Russian. Example: “With an incriminating videotape in his possession, the brilliant puppet master was able to fully control the empty-headed trumpovski.”

Arabic: Trumpadi is a form of rebuke or way of scolding others, especially employees, and can be translated as “You’re fired!”

German: The Germans use the president’s original surname, drumpf, when referring to racism or someone who is racist, as in “Good thing the island nation is not lead by a drumpf, otherwise minorities would be in big trouble.”

Italian: The simple form, trumpano, means “windbag, blowhard, or blabbermouth.” Usage: “If I have to listen to that trumpano for four more years, I’m definitely moving to Canada.”



Allan Ishac

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