I thought the same thing when I was writing it, Mr. Fynn, so you’re smart not to have wasted the 2 minutes reading it or the extra 2 minutes responding.

And I see you’re a man of extra efficiency, saving at least .5 seconds dropping the second “m” from immature and the coma after “even.”

Okay, so I just tried that time-saving technique with the word “comma” in the last sentence, but it got me into trouble because now it reads “coma,” which isn’t good because if you, Mr. Fynn, were in a coma, then how could you “Stay Awake!!!,” which appears to be your calling cry?

Damn, I just completely blew the famous “Mr. Fynn Time-Treasuring Tip” by spending 1.25 minutes writing this response. How will I ever get that precious 1.25 minutes back???

Ahh, I did it again, wasted time just now. Ugh, and again by writing, “Ugh, and again!”

It never ends! Help Mr. Fynn!

Life is hard. Especially when we’re not laughing.

Thanks sincerely, sir, for your limited reading time and limited response time.


Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at allanishac.com.

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