I shut down when asked the most basic of questions?

I say all I need to say and want to say in my posts — which I have written every day, seven days a week, since October 10, 2016. I do not get paid to do so. I do it because it is the most important thing I can do.

I don’t bitch and complain and criticize, and I’m not too lazy to post original writing instead of trolling others. I also show my face and my name, I don’t hide in the bushes.

I don’t care if you’re a lifelong Democrat or if you read the paper. I’m out there on the front lines every day. You are in your foxhole.

That is all the time I have for you. Today. Tomorrow. In the future. I have a post to write.

You won’t hear from me again.


Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at allanishac.com.

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