Hi Walter,

Thanks for reading and responding. Very much appreciate it.

My posts are always marked “Humor,” so as not to confuse my bullshit with the truth. I also used photos of Forest Whitaker, a well-known actor from the movie, The Butler, so no one would confuse him with Eugene Allen.

Now let’s talk about shame. The shame, as far as I can tell, is not in writing a silly piece of satire that is labeled as such — the shame is in running for the presidency of a nation when you are not familiar with the tenets of its constitution, the democratic foundations upon which it is built, the sacrosanct laws of inclusion under which it has thrived for 200 years and which has made it a sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers for generations.

This country will not fall because of my ridiculous fake news story — or anyone’s dirty bait, for that matter, Mr. H — it will come loose from it’s moorings because a so-called president disgraces, dishonors, and discredits the great American experiment that the forefathers boldly undertook.

I appreciate your concern and passion, Walter, sincerely. Isn’t it a great country where we can have this dialogue, and enjoy freedom of expression, with no fear of reprisal? It would be a shame to squander that privilege.


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