Hi Serendipity,

A couple of corrections.

First, it’s 11 reporters and one inside job on Sean Spicer.

Second, I don’t care who was banned because my posts are tagged as Humor and Satire. So they’re bullshit, not subject to the truth, either are they fake news.

How do I know they’re not fake news? Because I follow the guidelines established by one of your favorite Fox News anchors, Shepard Smith, who defined fake news as, and this is a quote:

“Fake news refers to stories that are created often by entities pretending to be news organizations solely to drive clicks and views based on nothing of substance.”

I do not pretend to be a news organization. I do not write solely to drive clicks to increase ad revenue because there are no ads on Medium and I don’t get paid. And my posts are completely based on bullshit, therefore they do have substance, although you wouldn’t want to get it on your hands.

So that’s the story Serendipidity. Please come back anytime and bring your pitbull with you. All are welcome here.


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