Hi Kristi,

It’s true. Sometimes I hate myself so much for attacking people viciously, even children, that I can’t stand having breakfast with me. I throw my oatmeal at myself.

But, for the record, my satirical post about Trump’s newest grandkid was aimed at the Orange Accident, not the newborn at all.

And that’s not Luke Trump either, it’s a stock shot from a humor site.

And I’d be very happy if someone made fun of a newborn family member of mine because, frankly, everyone in my family is really funny looking and ripe for mocking, especially the babies.

That said, it sounds like you won’t be reading my posts in the future, which is a shame, because tomorrow I’m going after puppies and kittens.


Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at allanishac.com.

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