Hi Anna.

I hear you. I hear the discomfort for you in my post.

The post is not about fake boobs at all.

Yesterday’s post contained many offensive slurs about Jews. That upset a lot of people.

My father was Jewish. Persecuted and driven out of his country. I understand why it made people uncomfortable.

And that is the point, too.

Satire is, by definition, offensive. It is meant to make us feel uncomfortable. It is meant to make us scratch our heads, think, do a double-take, and then think again. — Maajid Nawaz

And this …

By the very nature of satire or parody, you have to love and respect your target and respect it enough to understand every aspect of it, so you can more effectively make fun of it. — T. J. Miller

It wasn’t personal, Anna. And I hope these words helped you understand my motivations a little better.

My future posts will offend, too. I promise. So beware.

Thanks for your thoughtful note.


P.S. Nice beetle. I owned one, too. Red, too. I loved it.

Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at allanishac.com.

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