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Hannity Finds “Hidden Sperm” In Obama Portrait, But Fails To See Penis In Trump’s

Fox News host identifies “secret black seed” in ex-president’s official image, while overlooking giant cock in Groper-in-Chief’s

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The penis painted into Mr. Trump’s hair seems more obvious than the sperm appearing in Barack Obama’s. (Credit:

A popular conservative newscaster, FOX’s Sean Hannity, tweeted on Tuesday that Barack Obama’s presidential portrait contains sexual perversions in the form of hidden sperm painted into his hair.

He was immediately criticized on social media for making a false claim about the ex-president’s official portrait but totally overlooking what appears to be a huge penis head and wrinkled scrotum chin in Donald Trump’s portrait.

The official Obama portrait with the “secret sperm,” which is, in fact, just a vein. (Credit:

African-American artist Kehinde Wiley, who painted Mr. Obama’s official portrait which now hangs in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery, says the painting, “does show a prominent vein that Mr. Obama has on his forehead, but it’s definitely not a sperm.”

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Sean Hannity, left, is a famous fake newscaster on the FOX network. (

Mr. Hannity appears to have been peddling racist bait with his contention that a sperm appears in the Obama portrait, suggesting that “black seed” is being nefariously planted into America’s white Christian blood pool. This provocative suggestion is a favorite of paranoid white supremacists and other ultra-conservative racist groups with anti-black agendas.

Mr. Hannity deleted his original tweet after being unable to deny that depictions of black lynchings appear in many of his own self-portraits.


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