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Greeks Thrilled To Have One Of Their Own At Center Of Trump-Russia Scandal

Many in Mediterranean nation are now calling for confessed felon George Papadopolous to run for prime minister of Greece

They’re proud of native son George Papadopolous in Greece where he’s been grabbing all the headlines. (Credit:

Trump policy adviser George Papadopolous confessed to colluding with the Russians this week, and in Greece, the land of his forefathers, they could not be prouder.

“We are a small country and rarely have good news,” said Yanni Chronis, an artist living in Athens. “To have one of our native sons be the first of Trump’s accomplices to be indicted and convicted is a real honor for Greece.”

Papadopolous, third from left, seen here with some of the other clowns on Trump’s foreign policy team. (Credit:

The front-page news that Papadopolous pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents about contacts he had with Russian agents had Greeks celebrating in the streets.

Greeks say George Papadopolous appears young and formidable, especially when seated next to older, pastier politicians. (Credit:

“The prospect that our own George Papadopolous might be the man to bring down Donald Trump and his administration is thrilling to all of us, whether you’re a Greek living in America or over here,” said Marella Constantinides, an architect from Thessaloniki. “We haven’t had this much excitement since Alexandros Schinas assassinated King George I in our city in 1913.”

The 30-year-old Papadopolous was a low-level staffer in Trump’s presidential campaign who seemed to stumble into his policy role. But he went from invisible to infamous quickly, gaining international fame on Monday when his guilty plea was unsealed.

His sudden popularity has many Greeks calling for Papadopolous to run for prime minister of their country, despite his criminal record.

“It doesn’t matter to us that he is a felon,” said Alex Bertakis, an exporter residing in Olympia, “most of our politicians are criminals anyway. What we really like is that Papadopolous has the ear of the American president and can probably get some of those laundered Trump billions into Greek banks. That would make him a true hero as well as a great prime minister.”

Political observers say it is unlikely that Papadopolous will run for office in Greece or any other country, as he could be spend up to nine years in U.S. federal prison for his treasonous acts.


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