Glad we could chat, John.

About being paid to write this malarkey on Medium: I don’t receive a penny, although I think that is unfair, and if you have a big estate somewhere, or a pot of gold, or a lot of shares of Apple stock, wouldn’t it be brotherly to give some to me since we are friends now and you are helping me to see my shortfalls and become an enlightened human being?

Where I come from, good teachers share generously with their students. Either that, or they break out the big balloon and help them fly over the rainbow, if they don’t already have ruby slippers, of course.

Do you have ruby slippers, John Jozsa. Would you let me rip some of the rubies off your slippers so I could exchange them for cash?

I know you would. Thank you John.


Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at

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