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Giuliani Now Just One TV Interview Away From Squandering Any Remaining 9/11 Goodwill

In defense of Trump, former NYC mayor goes from American hero to national disgrace in record time

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With friends like Rudy, who needs a special counsel investigation? (Credit:

ormer Mayor Rudolf Giuliani became an American hero after the 9/11 attacks on New York City, but in just a month the newly appointed lawyer for President Donald Trump has solidified his place in history as a deranged nincompoop.

In his most recent television appearance in defense of the president on CNN, Mr. Giuliani destroyed any last vestiges of credibility by admitting that the president’s “Spygate” claims are merely a public relations ploy.

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Mr. Giuliani has become really good at looking completely deranged. (Credit:

“It is for public opinion,” said the former US attorney for the southern district of New York, basically letting the nation know that he’s a liar and the president is a crook. He added, “It’s pretty clear that the president is guilty. It’s also pretty clear that we can convince Americans of just about anything because they are all schmucks. This has been our legal strategy from the beginning — prey on the public’s stupidity.”

It is not clear if President Trump is aware that Mr. Giuliani is viewed by 93% of Americans as an unhinged blowhard. What is clear is that Mr. Trump doesn’t care who goes before the television public to proclaim his innocence as long as they shout and get red in the face, techniques which Rudy Giuliani has mastered well as he’s lost his grip on reality in the years following his heroic leadership of NYC after 9/11.

Mr. Giuliani is scheduled to appear on Fox & Friends later this week at which time any remaining 9/11 goodwill banked by the former mayor should be completed erased.


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