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Donald Trump Thought Upcoming “Gladiator” Sequel Was About Him

Director Ridley Scott had to break it to the president that he is not the inspiration for next installment of Russell Crowe classic

Famed movie director Ridley Scott is working on a sequel to the 2000 Academy Award-winning classic Gladiator.

When word of his new project got out, Scott received a call from President Donald Trump thanking the director for making the follow-up installment about him — which it is not.

“I was sitting with Russell… Russell Crowe…in my office in LA last month and I get this call from the White House,” said Scott, who recently directed Alien: Covenant and produced Blade Runner 2049. “It’s Donald Trump telling me how much he loved the Gladiator film and how it made sense that I would base the sequel on him, that he’s the closest thing to a Roman gladiator in the modern era. I put my hand over the phone so he wouldn’t hear us laughing, but in the end Russell and I were on the floor. Pudgy McTrumpcake the inspiration for my next epic — what a joke.”

Scott added that the president’s office even went so far as developing a publicity poster for the sequel, in which the president is wielding a sword framed by the words, “Are you not entertained.”

“Apparently those imbeciles on Trump’s staff didn’t realize the famous line from the film is a question and, therefore, requires a question mark,” joked Scott. “What a bunch of useless morons they have over there.”

The new Gladiator sequel should be ready for wide release in 2020. It will not star, be developed in association with, or focus on Donald Trump in any way.


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