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‘Donald’ Surpasses ‘Adolf’ As Least Popular Baby Name For Boys

‘Ivanka’ takes top spot as most hated girl’s name, beating out the little used but still repugnant ‘Nurse Ratched’

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Fewer parents across the globe are naming their sons ‘Donald,” surpassing the perennial worst name winner for boys,“Adolf.”

“We’re seeing a complete drop off for the name Donald in any of its forms, including Don, Donavan, Donahue, Donaldo, or Donagel,” said Diana Burke, founder of the leading baby naming website, Nameberry. “Any name that evokes the sight, thought or memory of Donald Trump is out. Not even Adolf has seen this kind of across the globe plunge from consideration as a boy’s name.”

In the girl’s category, Burke said that “Ivanka” took over this year from “Nurse Ratched” as the name new couples are least likely to call female newborns.

“We’re pretty sure it’s a knock on effect from the name Donald,” added Burke. “Ivanka has totally disappeared from our top lists, and we’re also seeing a major slip for the names Eric and Melania. Tiffany, once very popular, is now barely hanging on as a girl’s name…we think it will be gone by the fall.”

By comparison, “Joseph” has surged into a top five boy’s name position for the first time since 1952, and “Kamala” is new to the girl’s list, fast approaching the number three slot in popularity, according to Burke.


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