Despair Wins Emotion Of The Year, Anger Close Second, Hope Falls To Woeful Ninth

Big surprises at annual Global Emotion Awards, with “cynical” getting top five finish, while “love” lands in last place

The annual Global Emotion Awards were held in Los Angeles on Saturday night and, as usual, there was plenty of drama and excitement.

It was clear right from the start that feelings of hope, optimism and love were just not in strong positions in this year’s competition. The judges immediately determined that the entire population of America was feeling cynical, and awarded the sleeper emotion an impressive 4th place. Cynics and pessimists everywhere felt vindicated after nearly a decade of confidence and bullish feelings refusing to let cynicism ruin a good time or sour the world’s emotional soup.

Anger, always in the top ten, surged to second place, with the continent of Europe, coastal pockets of the U.S., and most of the Middle East giving the fiery emotion a tremendous late autumn push.

If there was a shock at this year’s Global Emotion Awards it was how dramatically hope fell off a cliff. Back in 2008–09, many will remember that hope dominated the competition, blanketing all of America, extending to most of the world, even influencing the Nobel Peace Prize that year. Hope has been able to maintain a consistent top five finish at recent award shows. But in 2016, it ceded eight positions and landed in ninth place. Most think it’s doubtful that we’ll see the positive emotion in next year’s competition at all.

With the world in the middle of a major emotional upheaval, all bets were off for contenders to watch in 2017. But unless general global tensions, the likelihood of a European war, accelerating climate destruction, economic disparity, and the outside threat of nuclear annihilation eases, many experts who follow feelings closely say that it will be a long time before happiness — which did not make an appearance at the 2016 awards — finds itself on main stage again with the big emotional winners.

Next year’s Global Emotion Awards will be held in Sydney, Australia — a city and country where joviality, enthusiasm, and naive optimism always seem to prevail, even against a planetary tide of negative emotions.


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