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De Niro’s Rendition Of “FUCK TRUMP” Being Called “Performance Of His Career”

In a moving Tony Awards appearance, famed actor delivers series of dramatic F-bombs and receives two-minute standing ovation

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Robert De Niro bringing the house down, and possibly the current administration, with his powerful rendition of “FUCK TRUMP.” (Credit:

he actor Robert De Niro gave a moving performance of his monologue “FUCK TRUMP” at the Tony Awards show on Sunday night in what many are calling “the greatest performance of his career.”

Others called it “Oscar-worthy” and “vintage De Niro,” as they stood for a two-minute, tear-filled ovation.

“I have never been so moved by a theatrical hurling of F-bombs in my entire life,” said Rosalie Mariatto, who attended the performance held at Radio City Music Hall in New York. “I loved Mr. De Niro in The Godfather and thought he was brilliant in Raging Bull, but he found something special in his FUCK TRUMP interpretation here tonight. I’m speechless.”

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Mr. De Niro says he would like to give President Trump “the two-fisted, Jake LaMotta treatment.” (Credit:

Paul Linchmen, who called himself a lifelong De Niro fan, said, “When Bob let loose with his signature phrase, ‘It’s no longer ‘down with Trump.’ It’s ‘fuck Trump!’ I got so choked up. No question, Bob De Niro is the greatest thespian of our era and he proved it again here tonight with his seething, foaming-at-the-mouth, anti-POTUS performance.”

Mr. De Niro’s impassioned “FUCK TRUMP” stage takedown preceded the actor’s introduction of Bruce Springsteen, who was scheduled to sing a meditative version of his hit, “My Hometown.” But Mr. Springsteen was so overcome with emotion after the De Niro presentation, there was a 20-minute delay as the singer composed himself.

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When The Bum meets The Bickle someone’s going down. (Credit:

“Bobby did something tonight that even I haven’t been able to do in my one-man show,” said the legendary New Jersey rocker. “He spoke the name of the ‘jerkoff-in-chief’ with such utter disgust and disdain that thousands in attendance were overcome with euphoria. Only Robert De Niro could bring down the house and a presidency simultaneously with one scowling Travis Bickle rant.”

Mr. De Niro is now fielding offers from thousands of theater venues across the country to reprise his dramatic “FUCK TRUMP” monologue for appreciative audiences.

BREAKING: In a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon, President Trump expressed his displeasure with Robert De Niro’s Sunday night performance calling the actor a “very Low IQ individual.” But the White House later admitted that the president might have been confusing Mr. De Niro with Jeanine Pirro, a Trump supporter and TV personality who is a notorious muttonhead and dingbat.


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