Clinton Inflicts “Revenge Grope” On Trump At Al Smith Dinner

Cardinal Dolan reveals that Democratic candidate reached over and squeezed Donald’s nut sack until his face turned from orange to red.

Here Clinton reaches past Dolan to crush Trump’s rectractiled testicles. Dolan received a quick grope over dessert.

At the annual Al Smith Dinner on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton exacted revenge on behalf of tens of millions of women across America who were disgusted by Donald Trump’s recent remarks about groping women and getting away with it because he is famous. The Democratic presidential candidate reached over Cardinal Timothy Dolan as appetizers were being served and took a firm hold of Trump’s tea bag. Then squeezed. Hard.

According to Dolan, Clinton worked over Trump’s walnuts until his face turned from orangutan orange to red state ruby. Then she turned to him and with a devious smile said, “Let me know if you ever want to go out furniture shopping.”

When she let go, Trump bent over in excruciating pain, accidentally dipping his formal white bowtie into the penne all’arrabbiata. When he recovered, he turned to Clinton to retaliate but Cardinal Dolan acted first. His Eminence slammed a heavy emerald Diocese ring into Trump’s family jewels which sent the Donald’s face back into his penne.

In the photo above, former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly follows the finger piano of an unidentified Syrian refugee, as he also gets his ball sack fondled at the charity event.

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