Clinton Campaign Desperately Trying To Suppress Hacked Photos Of Her Cankles

Wikileaks about to release a trove of embarrassing photos intended to derail Hillary’s presidential ambitions

One of the hacked Wikileaks photos shows the Democratic candidate relaxing after a grueling day of campaigning in NC. The text of the email to her daughter Chelsea read, “You wouldn’t believe how much my feet swelled up today!”

Wikileaks is conspiring to land a serious blow to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the next few days with the release of hundreds of hacked photos that cast the candidate in a negative light — and will likely aid the presidential run of Donald Trump. The photos below were secretly obtained before their public release.

  1. For years rumors have circulated that Sec. Clinton has been having an affair with actor Ben Stiller. The photo at left appears to confirm that speculation, as Hillary leaves a Los Angeles hotel in July 2015 apparently having just used Stiller’s “special hair gel.”

2. In an attempt to lure Bill back from Monica Lewinsky in 1996, the First Lady put on a revealing outfit with a patriotic theme. The screen capture here is from the video camera of a White House page who was shooting interior footage of the first home to send to his parents, when suddenly Hillary stepped into the frame.

3. Sec. Clinton is prone to bouts of flatulence. While she controls the condition with a special diet, she often clears the room with blasts of hot Arkansas winds. In this photo, Clinton is seen accidentally playing the butt bongos in public, leaving her quite embarrassed…and her audience “a-gassed.”

4/5. In 2010, when she was Secretary of State, Clinton had a mild stroke that nevertheless caused paralysis on the left side of her face. Realizing that public knowledge of this condition could jeopardize her State Department position and future political ambitions, the secretary quietly and covertly underwent intensive physical therapy in Romania to eliminate any visible traces of the stroke. In these two photos, despite her tremendous willpower , the secretary has a lapse in control over her facial muscles and evidence of the seizure is obvious.

6. Perhaps the most incriminating and disturbing photo in the Wikileaks trove is this one taken during a diplomatic meeting in Tel Aviv in the fall of 2009. Hillary had voiced support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, but was rebuffed during the summit by then prime-minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu. People in the room said she initially tried to reason with the Israeli leader, but became furious when he remained obstinate. Suddenly, the secretary turned into a madwoman, shouting, slamming her fists on the table, and terrifying everyone present, including Netanyahu who fled the room. This photo is ammunition for the Trump campaign which has maintained all along that it is not he, but she who is the “loose cannon” in this contest.

It is not known exactly how many more photos Wikileaks plans to release in the coming days, but the Clinton camp is in triage mode hoping to stanch the negative impact of damaging images like these, which it says “play right into the hands of Trump’s attack dogs.”

Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at

Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at