Border Collie Who Almost Became Trump’s White House Pet Discusses Narrow Escape

“Imagine my terror as they told me I might have to go live with that doaty dobber,” said Merle, speaking from a farm outside of London

Merle, a Scottish border collie, came close to being Donald Trump’s Oval Office canine ottoman.
Merle practicing one of the quizzical looks he hoped would convince Trump’s canine search team that he was not special or smart, but dumb and untrainable.
Instead of catching a Frisbee tossed by one of Trump’s men, Merle flattened the big fellow first before making the easy grab.
Merle feigns being stuck at the top of a jump obstacle to pretend he’s scared of heights.
Merle flipping the bird at the president in a video message taped at his home at the Wakefield Breeder Farm in Hertfordshire, England.

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