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Body Language Experts Say Trump Often Flashes “Triangle of Satan” Hand Gesture

The ominous “downward prayer position” is proof that the president uses dark magic and is in league with the devil

A careful analysis of more than 100 photographs of President Donald Trump sitting with various world leaders, celebrities, and journalists conclusively shows that the American leader often and indiscriminately uses the “Triangle of Satan” hand gesture.

Four highly-regarded body language experts, including Dr. Lola Somatis of Duke University and Dr. Frank Caldaver of UCLA, examined the photographs of President Trump taken over a three-year period from June 2014 to May 2017.

The results of their analysis has many political observers, as well as Christian religious scholars, worried and paying closer attention.

“We observed Mr. Trump using the ‘Reverse Steeple’ or ‘Downward Prayer Position’ hand symbol in virtually every photo we analyzed,” said Dr. Somatis. “There is simply no other conclusion we can make other than that he is indicating his allegiance to Satan and signaling a vast global network of fellow devil worshipers, telling them that he is in position and ready to rain hellfire down on earth.”

The Reverse Steeple and Downward Prayer Position are familiar to religious scholars because they take classic Christian symbols — a church steeple and the traditional upward position of the hands during worshipful prayer — and flips them over, placing them in the reverse direction. Downward.

Still others point out that the downward position of the pointed hands forms an arrow, indicating the direction that the fallen angel, the rebellious Lucifer, took during his descent into hell.

Dr. Caldaver agreed with Dr. Somatis’ general assessment, but added, “Some naive observers have said that President Trump, a well-known philanderer and pussy grabber, is merely making the ‘V’ sign, also known as the ‘vagina symbol.’ This is wishful thinking. The truth is much darker and more alarming.”

Dr. Caldaver also mentioned the popular theory that President Trump is using one of the important signs of the Illuminati — a pyramid.

The Illuminati is a name given to a secret society, believed to be a confederation of powerful politicians and business leaders, as well as other globally influential people, who essentially control the world order.

But Dr. Caldaver does not agree that Mr. Trump is using an Illuminati gesture.

“I don’t buy it. The pyramid symbol is based on the idea that at the bottom are the masses and the capstone represents an elite ruling class, the top 1%. Yes, the president is forming a triangle or pyramid with his hands, but it is upside down, therefore not a pyramid at all. He is clearly positioning his hands to represent the ‘Triangle of Satan.’”

What Drs. Somatis and Caldaver also agree upon, along with other body language experts, is that President Trump has opened the door of the White House to an element that might not have the best interests of the country or the world at heart.

Dr. Somatis had the last word. “We don’t want to raise any unnecessary alarms but, as they often say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And, in this case, we have 100 photos telling us exactly the same thing — that when the President of the United States flashes the ‘Triangle of Satan’ hand signal in every photo opportunity, it should not be ignored.”


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Additional Note: Reader Ross Foss reminds us that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, established his flagship property at 666 Fifth Avenue. Mark of the devil…666. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!

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