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Barbara Bush Reincarnates Into England’s Prince Louis After Only Week of Death

With his googly eyes and shock of silver hair, the royal heir bears a striking resemblance to America’s recently deceased First Lady

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, the timely birth of England’s Prince Louis might change your mind.

The royal heir, the fifth in line to the throne, was born to Prince William and Princess Kate last Monday morning. Immediately, people began to see a striking resemblance between the young noble and former First Lady of the United States, Barbara Bush, who passed away only a week before at the age of 92.

“It is unusual to have someone reincarnate so quickly, without spending a longer life review period in a state of bardo,” said Parikh Passang, a senior Tibetan lama living in India. “This child must be very evolved to emerge from bardo so quickly. Perhaps little Louis is the first British dalai lama incarnate that we’ve seen.”

In Tibetan Buddhism, bardo is believed to be a state of existence between death and rebirth that can vary in length based on the way a person has lived their previous life. Mrs. Bush, while very opinionated with a sharp tongue, generally lived a clean life of integrity and charitable service.

“All the nurses in the Lindo Wing began to whisper about the little prince looking like Barbara Bush even though he is a boy,” said the night shift nurse at the St. Mary’s Hospital, where the royal baby was born. “His eyes bug out like hers, he has a cute shock of silver hair on the crown of his head, and has a quick wit, too, immediately looking up at his parents who were cooing to him and quipping, ‘Cootoyoutoo.’ They were certainly taken aback.”

While whispers about Prince Louis being the reincarnated spirit of Barbara Bush have reached Prince William and Princess Kate, the royal couple has made no comment other than this statement issued from Kensington Palace: “Our new joy, Louis Arthur Charles, is healthy and strong and that is all that matters to us. Whether he is a reincarnated First Lady, we do not know, but we were happy to see Queen Elizabeth take to him immediately, as the two reminisced about the politics and fashions of the 1950s. They clearly had a lot to catch up on.”

Royalists are now eager to see if the newborn Prince Louis grows up to wear pearl necklaces and earrings, the signature jewelry of Barbara Bush.


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