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Bannon Joins Flynn, Preibus, Manaforte, Spicer, Scaramucci In Political Purgatory

White House sources say President Trump forced Steve Bannon to resign yesterday so he could see exactly how it’s done

Farewell Flynn. Au revoir Reince. Sayonara Spicer. Bye bye Bannon. And what are you waiting for Pence? (Credit:

All the president’s men are either running for the exits or being forced out the West Wing door as America and the rest of the world witness the last dying days of the Trump presidency.

The latest casualty is Steve Bannon, the president’s beleaguered chief strategist, who apparently submitted his resignation back on August 7th but decided to depart in a hurry yesterday because, as he told his aides, “I need to get out of here before the FBI raids begin — no way I’m walking out of the Oval with my hands cuffed behind my back.”

Steve Bannon passes Marine One as he walks the White House grounds for the last time. He was later asked not to step on the grass. (Credit:

Bannon joins presidential appointees, advisers and allies Mike Flynn, Reince Preibus, Paul Manaforte, Sean Spicer, and Anthony Scaramucci, all of whom have departed the White House with the sweaty hands of a frantic, unstable President Trump wrapped around their necks.

If they are not arrested at the conclusion of various government investigations into Trump campaign improprieties and administration illegalities, these shunned six will remain in political purgatory until the American electorate can decide their fates for aiding and abetting a deranged con man, compulsive liar, and traitorous windbag who they knew all along was a certain menace to the moral and democratic foundations of this country.

Several White House sources say that with the departure of his chief strategist the president realizes now that the end is near. The add that he forced Bannon out “so he could see exactly how to go about engineering an honorable resignation for himself.”

In the past week, as he has been mired in foreign relations blunders and a controversial defense of white supremacists, leaders from both parties, former presidents, media titans (including James Murdock, owner of the conservative-leaning Fox News channel), the CEOs of America’s largest companies, union chiefs, longtime friends, trusted members of his family, and even the White House cleaning staff have lost faith in the president and have encouraged him to resign.

As Steve Bannon prepares to leave the White House yesterday, Kellyanne Conway asks him if there are any job openings at Breitbart. (Credit:

But whatever the president’s fate is in the days ahead, this much is sure. Steve Bannon’s ignominious departure can only mean one thing: Kellyanne Conway needs to get her feet off of the couch, put her high heels back on, and gather her personal belongings — because she’s about to be tossed to the curb in the same inglorious way as her pustule popping conservative counterpart.


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