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Americans Unload On Unfit, Unhinged, Uncouth, Unpopular POTUS

People across the country were asked to unleash their feelings on the untenable presidency of Donald Trump in one word

Unflattering photos of an undemocratic president. (Credit:,,,,,

The most unlikable president in American history was the subject of an unmitigated fusillade of insults unleashed by thousands of unnerved Americans over the weekend.

A cross-section from all corners of the country were asked to use one word to describe Donald Trump. Here are 38 of those ultra-brief descriptives for the man and his un-American presidency, with attribution.

Untalented — contributed by Emmy Awards voting members

Uncool — submitted by millennials

Untruthful — from the American free press

Unavoidable — tweeted in by 33,000,000 Twitter users

Unreliable — political dinosaur Mitch McConnell sent this by fax

Unmanageable — submitted by Trump’s team of hairstylists

Unskilled — suggested by career politicians working in Washington

Uneducated — written submission from Trump’s former high school teachers

Uncaring — sent via a note in a bottle by citizens of Puerto Rico

Unsmiling — offered by cameras everywhere and the Sourpuss People’s Party

Unsporting — proposed by NFL players (while taking a knee)

Unsophisticated — from Melania Trump

Unstable — submitted by the Association for Psychiatric Medicine

Unmanly — another submission by the First Lady

Unredeemable — sent from Pope Francis by Vatican courier

Unrestrained — offered by the UN General Assembly

Uncultivated — courtesy of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

Uncivilized — another offering by Queen Elizabeth

Unfaithful — submitted by Donald Trump’s first two wives

Unfeeling — a Trump children submission

Uninformed — sent in by Hillary Clinton

Unfriendly — courtesy of Black Lives Matter supporters

Ungodly — courtesy of the National Association of Religious Clerics (NARC)

Unfunny — sketch piece sent in by Fallon, Colbert, and Kimmel (with anti-Trump warm-up act by Seinfeld)

Uncouth — vigorously shouted out by women

Uncivil — mailed in anonymously by immigrants

Unkind — sent via messenger by more immigrants

Unjust — mass submission by Muslim immigrants

Unlawful — submitted hastily by Robert Mueller (because he is busy getting ready to impeach the fucking SOB)

Unguarded — an entry being carefully considered by Trump’s Secret Service detail

Unqualified — sent in by Reince Preibus (who should have known better!)

Unlovable — third submission by Mrs. Melania Trump

Unnerving — collective submission from 193 world leaders

Unhealthy — conclusion of the American Medical Association, the National Institute of Health, and the Society For Good Nutrition

Unpolished — third submission from Queen Elizabeth

Unpleasant — submitted by the White House kitchen staff

Unpatriotic — contributed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Unreasonable — proposed by Congress (both houses, all members)

If you have an unassailable, one word designation for our unlawful leader, please unload it in the comments section below.


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