Al Gore, Sensing His Moment, Will Rechallenge 2000 Election Results

Al Gore explaining why his unexpected election rechallenge is the right thing to do for the country at this time.

Sixteen years later and 45 pounds heavier, former Vice-President Al Gore is making a long shot bid to win the American presidency that was denied him in 2000.

VP Gore during thinner times at the first presidential debate in 2000. George W. Bush is in the background, apparently fuzzy about the details of the debate topic.

“I now have reason to believe that the Republic of Chad influenced the vote count in favor of my challenger,” says the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee. “If this is the case, and I can prove that up to 140,000 Florida votes went to George Bush illegally, I believe the presidency is mine.”

Gore’s attorney, the celebrated trial lawyer David Boies, says that the Republic of Chad manipulated votes during the infamous Florida recount in late November and early December of 2000 — a debacle that ultimately ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of George W. Bush. The African country apparently orchestrated the sabotage because Bill Clinton, president at the time, was opposed to increasing aid to Chad, a position Gore was likely to continue.

Ballot examiners in Tallahassee, FL carefully studying the disposition of hanging and dimpled chads back in 2000. Al Gore says the Republic of Chad interfered with the process.

Boies explained the rationale behind their actions: “We are not totally clear yet how the Republic of Chad and “hanging” or “dimpled” chads are related, but we know there’s a nefarious connection and that it swayed the vote count in favor of the Republican challenger. When we establish the full nature of the Chad-chad relationship, it’s going to show that my client was robbed in the 2000 election and is the rightful President of the United States.”

Gore’s attorney, David Boies, thinks their challenge has an excellent chance of succeeding, which would bump Trump out of the queue for the White House for at least 4 years.

Asked how Mr. Gore could claim the presidency now, so many years later and with Donald Trump about to be sworn in on January 20th, Boies responded, “I believe the Constitution is clear on this point — if at any time a presidential candidate is denied office due to voting irregularities or criminal interference, he or she is to be installed as president as soon as that irregularity or criminality is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And that is exactly what we intend to do. Besides, do you really think anyone is going to object to Al becoming president with that maniac waiting in the wings? Uh-uh.”

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