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After Trump Blasts Comey Book, Former FBI Director Adds Shocking Addendum

James Comey responded to president’s attack on Monday by beefing up A Higher Loyalty with 10 more stunning accusations

Allan Ishac
7 min readApr 17, 2018


The man on the left was stripped and flayed by the man on the right in a new book. (Credit:

It was no surprise that President Donald Trump struck back after a controversial interview on ABC News’ Sunday night during which former FBI Director James Comey gave him a memorable and ruthless dressing down.

No one knew, however, how much more Mr. Comey had to say — the shocking details of which were added on Monday in an unvarnished, 10-point blistering barrage of an addendum to his bestselling book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. His publisher, Macmillan, said the dozen jaw-dropping additions would appear immediately in all electronic editions of Mr. Comey’s book released this week.

Here are excerpts from the striking “bonus” content in the new expose:

Mr. Trump keeps tripping the country’s terror alert system. (Credit:
  1. “He’s dangerously orange”: “Since 9/11, as everyone knows, we’ve had a color-coded terror alert system in the country — green, blue, yellow, orange, and red for the highest level of danger,” explained Mr. Comey in the addendum. “But President Trump’s skin is so ridiculously orange, he is constantly setting off the alert system, putting our first responders in peril and the country on almost constant high alert. I told him it can’t go on like this, that either he has to tone down that hue or we have to change the alert system, to which he cursed me and said if I didn’t shut up he’d turn up his tanning bed to bright red and really put the country on edge. I dropped the subject for the time being.”
  2. “He asked me if he could withdraw gold directly from Fort Knox”: “Mr. Trump thinks he is Harry Potter, with access to a private vault at the Fort Knox/Gringotts Wizarding Bank and that he is free to go down there and withdraw all the mounds of gold coins he can stash into his pockets,” Mr. Comey mused. “This is the thinking of an imbecile lost in a fantasy. He is truly clueless about why Fort Knox exists and the limits to his…



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