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After Judge Rules Trump Can’t Block Users On Twitter, They Sue To Be “Mercy Blocked”

Twitter critics of the president appeal to court saying Trump’s tweets endanger their mental health, “please let us be blocked”

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President Trump’s Twitter critics beg judge to allow them to be permanently blocked. (Credit:

hy do you think we were criticizing him in the first place?” asked one outspoken detractor of President Trump’s on Twitter. “It was because we wanted him to block us. Finally, we had some relief!”

That was the sentiment of many of Mr. Trump’s Twitter critics who a federal judge ruled on Wednesday could not be blocked by the president.

They argue, however, that this was their scheme all along and the only way to protect themselves from Mr. Trump’s debilitating Twitter stupidities. Now, the court has gone and ruined their plan.

“We had just gotten to a point where we had mastered the art of pissing off this moron president,” said a disgruntled Twitter user who Manhattan Federal Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled was being unconstitutionally blocked. “We knew all the triggers to get him to block us — insult his daughter, call him a stupid bigot, mock his tiny hands — and now this meddling, busybody judge had to go and ruin it.”

Twitter users now say they plan to appeal, insisting that “mercy blocking” is the only way f to get some respite from the tweets of the stupid, bigoted, tiny-hand president. They hope their counter suit for “malicious tweeting” will ensure that they are permanently blocked by President Trump.

“A guy can’t get summarily and irrevocably Twitter-blocked in this country anymore,” said one ferocious social media attacker of the president. “It’s an outrage.”


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