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After Fleeing U.S. On Air Force One, Trump Requests Political Asylum In Japan

President appeals to Shinzo Abe but says he would be happy with refugee status in South Korea, China, Vietnam, or the Philippines

Allan Ishac
3 min readNov 5, 2017


The president begged Japan’s Shinzo Abe for asylum status as soon as he stepped off the plane in Tokyo on Sunday morning. (Credit:

After receiving word on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a sealed indictment against him, President Donald Trump escaped the United States aboard Air Force One on what he called, “a 12-day Asia trip.”

However, upon arriving in Japan on Sunday morning, the president immediately requested political asylum from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Mr. Abe ushering the president and first lady off Air Force One in Tokyo before considering Mr. Trump’s asylum plea. (Credit:

“I have just received fake news that the witch hunter Mueller is coming after me with a phony indictment, so I am forced to temporarily protect myself by requesting refugee status from my good friend, Chimpanzoo Abe,” said Mr. Trump in Tokyo. “Chimpanzoo assures me that I can remain in Japan as long as it takes for me to clear my good name.”

Before leaving the airport under heavy samurai guard, Mr. Trump added, “I should also mention that the First Lady and any other family members accompanying me on this trip are totally on their own at this point. It’s every Trump for him or herself going forward.”

Mr. Trump was then hurried away to an undisclosed location in Japan’s capital while his entourage was left milling around the tarmac near Air Force One. It is not known what their fates will be, but Melania Trump was last seen being whisked to a waiting limousine by Rex Tillerson, the former porn star and current Secretary of State.

Upon receiving word that the president had requested asylum in Japan, Mike Pence rushed into the Oval Office, threw Trump’s shit on the floor, and took over. (Credit:

It is unusual for a sitting president to request refugee status from an ally of the United States, but these are unusual times. Mr. Trump did issue a brief statement saying that if Japan rejected his asylum request, he would make the same appeal to the leaders of South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the…



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