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After Coulter Calls Him A “Shallow, Lazy Ignoramus,” Trump Boasts Of Upgrade

President says comment by conservative columnist elevates him from “fucking moron” and improves his ranking on stupidity scale

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Did Ann Coulter compliment Donald Trump by calling him an “ignoramus?” The White House says yes. (Credit::

fter author and conservative firebrand Ann Coulter called President Donald Trump “a shallow, lazy ignoramus” during an appearance at Columbia University this week, the White House tried to spin her comment as high praise.

“We appreciate that Ms. Coulter, who has often called Donald Trump a political hero of hers, affirmed her support of the president with her unambiguous statement of admiration for his intellect,” read a White House statement. “By acknowledging that Mr. Trump is no longer a moron, Ms. Coulter has announced to the country that the president is poised to focus his cerebral superiority on a host of conservative issues in his second year in office.”

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Coulter has been increasing her criticism of the president recently, not addressing him with her usual unabashed ass-kissing. (Credit:

The moron reference seems to be an allusion to a statement that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made about the president last summer, calling him a “fucking moron.” The White House interpretation of Ms. Coulter’s comments this week suggest that it regards “lazy ignoramus” as an upgrade from “fucking moron.”

Asked whether being an ignoramus is more desirable than being a moron, Dr. Dean Appelate, an etymology professor at the University of Chicago, responded, “The two words are essentially synonymous. Neither is a compliment and I certainly wouldn’t celebrate being called either of those slurs.”

The White House is standing by its contention that Ms. Coulter was commending the president.


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