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After England Visit, Sidewalk Art In London Depicts Trump As Crazy…And Fat

Patrons at the Love Walk Cafe in Fulham enjoy stepping on the American president’s face

The Love Walk Cafe in the Fulham District of London is a place to enjoy an outdoor English breakfast, a strong cup of tea, and lively conversation.

You can also step on Trump’s bloated face here — with the face of comical Alfred E. Neuman, the Mad Magazine mascot, popping out of the president’s head.

The owner and master of ceremonies at the Love Walk is a huggable Turkish immigrant named Medet, living in London for 20 years, who asked this reporter “why can’t people just care about each other, is that so hard?”

Medet, owner of the Love Walk Cafe in London, cannot understand why Trump is alienating people around the world with his “mad’ decisions and cold-hearted policies.

The question was posed on the heels of Trump’s visit to England last week, and his decision last year to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement. This abrupt but predictable move on the part of the American president left the patrons at the Love Walk on Friday morning enthusiastically stomping on his image painted on the sidewalk outside the cafe.

A table of guests, all London residents but immigrants as well, were particularly interested in Trump’s comment that he was elected to represent “the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.

Asked to join a conga line to tramp on the president’s face, most of the patrons pictured rushed from their tables to join in.

“That sounded so un-American to us here,” said one woman from Lebanon. “The American president is not the president of Pittsburgh, but the leader we turn to represent the power of freedom, human rights, and democracy around the world. In Portsmouth and Paris, in Stuttgart and Stockholm, in Beijing or Bangkok. Climate change is not a national issue it is a global one. Trump can’t see this, he’s blinded by his ego.”

Medet called Trump a “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wannabe,” referring to the ruthless president of Turkey. “It seems he wants to be viewed as a strongman, like our crazy president. He wants to be known for heartless brutality instead of kindness and a statesmanly wisdom. What has happened to America?”

Medet then called for a conga line of patrons to do a tap dance on top of the president’s face. All of his customers participated.


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