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After 26 Years, Charlie Rose Finds A Way To Get Charlie Rose To Stop Talking

One of television’s most painful episodes comes to an end as Mr. Rose finally figures out how to shut himself up

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Television audiences have been trying to make it happen since 1991, but in the end it was Charlie Rose himself who managed to close the door on his incessantly open mouth.

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Mr. Rose, who has been clogging the airwaves with his self-important chatter since his talk show, “Charlie Rose,” debuted on PBS more than 26 years ago, brought his career to a screeching, and silent, halt on Monday as at least eight women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, including walking in front of them yakking away with his clothes off.

Mr. Rose made a career out of interrupting guests on his long-running interview show in order to hear himself talk instead. During one unforgettable incident in 2004, Mr. Rose began a tedious monologue that bored his four guests so thoroughly that they got up and walked off the set. However, Mr. Rose continued to address their empty chairs for another ten minutes.

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While most of his accusers mentioned Mr. Rose’s inability to keep his pants zipped up as a reason for them coming forward now, it was actually his inability to keep his mouth zipped shut that they found even more offensive.

When asked about the allegations of lewd behavior and sexual misconduct, Mr. Rose answered, “Let me tell you a little about myself…”

Mr. Rose has been suspended from all of his television hosting duties at PBS, Bloomberg, and CBS pending an investigation into how the networks can keep him off the air permanently.


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