Activist Ivanka Trump To Lead Thousands At D.C. Women’s March On Saturday

Influential fashion entrepreneur says American women must stand together against anti-feminist policies of new president

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Fashion icon and feminist activist, Ivanka Trump, appears with Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis on Women’s March media panel Friday.

When up to 200,000 women descend in protest upon Washington on Saturday, Ivanka Trump, a successful New York City businesswoman and legendary activist, will be at the head of the mass demonstration.

“We cannot stand quietly by while this anti-feminist, misogynist president erodes the gains we have worked so hard as women to achieve,” said the influential Ms. Trump. “If he and his sexist cronies challenge a woman’s right to choose or try to reverse Roe vs. Wade, they will hear from every concerned woman in this nation — we will be stamping our feet at the front door of the White House yelling ‘No way, Mr. President, absolutely not…stop, get away from me. Get out, get out, I’m serious, leave me alone! Don’t touch me!”

Ms. Trump, speaking from a media tent a day before the highly publicized Women’s March On Washington, appeared with iconic feminists and A-list celebrities including Gloria Steinem, America Ferrara, Lena Dunham, Scarlett Johansson, Planned Parenthood president Cecil Richards, in addition to supportive Senators Al Franken and Cory Booker.

But it was Ivanka Trump who received the most press attention, perhaps because of her unusually vocal and highly visible opposition to the new president and his anti-feminist policies. “This man is not only an enemy of women across America, he is a reprehensible sexual predator — he has always been too grabby, too kissy-kissy, too quick to leer at women who he has no business checking out. We can’t afford to give this new president an inch of influence over the fate of women in this country.”

Joining Ms. Trump in the press tent was the international supermodel, Melania, who goes by one name. The Slovenian beauty, who is rumored to have had a romantic relationship with the new president from 2012-2014, said that he was not only out of touch with the issues of greatest concern to women, but was also “terrible in bed.”

Ivanka Trump closed Friday’s high-powered feminist press panel by railing at the new president: “He must understand that the future of this country is female…and that our mission for the next four years will be to wage an unrelenting war against his administration and its sexist policies to guarantee gender equality for every American woman!”


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