Accused Sex Offender Uses Controversial “POTUS Modus Defense” In Florida Trial

Prosecutor: “Just a matter of time before more sexual molesters, pussy grabbers, and perverts take legal cover behind Mr. Trump”

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Morris Stolker, a Tampa Bay area man who’s been arrested multiple times for exposing himself in public, is the first accused sexual predator who is using a form of the “POTUS Modus Defense” to justify his criminal actions.

“The president did it, why can’t I?”

That’s the refrain that law enforcement officials, district attorneys, and prosecutors are beginning to hear from sexual deviants across the country — even before President-Elect Donald J. Trump takes office.

Worse, they’re afraid that the ploy — one which attorneys are calling the “POTUS Modus Defense,” the “Donald Defense,” or the “DJT Plea” — might actually work.

“What are we supposed to do when a guy charged with sexual assault invokes the behavior of the American president in his defense?” asked Charles Bromyde, the long-time district attorney in Hillsborough County, FL, who’s office is prosecuting the first sexual offense case using the “POTUS Modus Defense.”

“They all say the same thing — if he got away with it, why shouldn’t I? It ends up being a hard point to argue, not only because it’s mostly true, but because it puts us in the awkward position of disparaging our new president.”

A prosecutor in Ohio said the word is going around DA offices across the country to be prepared for a wave of “Donald Defense” cases related to sex crimes.

“This essentially means that we’re going to have to put the President of the United States on trial, along with the accused, every time we have one of these sexual assault cases” said Veronica Malden, Assistant DA in Astabula County, OH. “And while every sexual molestation victim, most Democrats, a lot of women in show business, beauty pageantry, in hospitality, modeling, magazine writing, on airplane seats, at hotel opening receptions, along with a number of TV show contestants, house guests, ex-wives, and female Trump employees might call that true justice…um…hey, you know what, I think I should probably just stop there.”


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