Truth In Satire

“The FBI can confirm I was wearing a wire to investigate Crooked Hillary’s ties to an elite pedophile cabal,” says FL congressman

Besides using your tax dollars to buy nice suits, Gaetz paid cash for sex with minors. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

A swarm of 15,000 bees in New Mexico was seen catching a lift in a Buick to a patch of bluebells on Thursday

Bees seen here catching a lift to some newly blooming lilacs. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

“Using our toxic baby powder together with our bad batch of vaccines wipes away stubborn corrosion almost instantly”

“A little vaccine mixed with a pinch of talcum powder and, poof, rust disappears!” (Credit:

Truth In Satire

“Parents are complaining that our puppeteers’ hands are all up inside their families’ favorite characters,” says show executive

Hands off, you creepy puppeteers! (Credit:

Truth In Satire

GOP leader claims Democrats “are trying to cancel out good American patriots who find an armed insurgency exhilarating”

Mitch McConnell hailing a cab before inviting rioters back onto Capitol grounds. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

Golf legend insists: “A few exposed bones aren’t going to keep me from winning my 6th green jacket”

“Even if both legs are in straight casts, I’ll find a way to get good length off the tees,” says a confident Woods. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

Was the ‘grabby’ governor together with Donald Trump and Billy Bush on that bus ?

Who’s that right behind Billy? (Credit:

Truth In Satire

America’s least favorite couple says, “We’re devastated, but we will probably now move to England to grab some headlines”

The Prince and Princess of Wonderbread. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

President also ordered FEMA to instruct Texans on the benefits of shoes and clothing

A man in Dallas slowly considers the use of a face mask to fight the spread of Covid-19. (Credit:

Truth In Satire

SCOTUS says that “Creeps from one political party are not superior to creeps from another party”

Equally creepy under the law. (Credit:

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