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35 Other Things Donald Trump Has “No Choice But To Totally Destroy”

It appears that North Korea will not be the only casualty of Mr. Trump’s presidency

“Sorry, but I’m going to be totally destroying a lot of stuff.” (Credit:

After President Trump threatened to annihilate North Korea in his speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday, he spoke recklessly about additional ruination.

Here were the dark, dangerous, and distressing words that followed his initial taunts and provocations:

“In addition to Rocket Man and North Korea, I will have no choice but to totally destroy …

  1. …all hope
  2. …your dreams
  3. …evil stuff that I hear about on Fox
  4. …dangerous, bird-killing windmills
  5. …your children’s futures
  6. …the environment, for always crying wolf and complaining, ‘Help, you’re hurting me!’
  7. …disgraceful and ugly Rosie O’Donnell
  8. …Nordstrom’s, because they broke my little girl’s heart…NOT NICE!
  9. …those bad Antifa people for attacking my base of white supremacists
  10. …the sad, money-losing Huffington Post and its liberal clown Arianna Huffdiver
  11. …a lot of rogue nations, to be determined later
  12. …Barack “The Wiretapper” Obama
  13. …Scotland, for not letting me build more amazing, world-class golf courses
  14. …the failing New York Times
  15. …a woman’s right to choose things, other than me
  16. …the fake media
  17. …aspirations
  18. … “Pocahontas” and other deplorable politicians who try to steal the identity of our sacred Indians
  19. …weak and ineffective Robert Mueller
  20. …that highly-overrated morning show with dumber-than-a-rock Mika Brzezinski and preppy boy Joe Scarborough, which I never watch but hear is a danger to the country and, therefore, has to be totally destroyed
  21. …Turtle face Mitch McConnell and Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan
  22. …the Pope, for thinking he’s so holier than thou
  23. …War heroes who get captured, because I much prefer heroes who don’t
  24. …Mexifucko
  25. …that tattletale Malcolm Turnbull — grow a pair, you dingofucker!
  26. …irresponsible hating judges, like judges who are probably from Mexifucko
  27. …that Gold Star dude, Chaka Khan, or whatever his face was…oh, and that Mayor in London, another Khan, can’t remember his name
  28. …all those disrespectful pink pussy hats
  29. …ISIS and many other loser Muslim terrorists
  30. …the very hostile and dishonest CNN
  31. …disloyal James Comey, who could have just knelt and kissed the damn ring, but now he has to be totally destroyed
  32. …that sore loser, so sore, and crooked, so crooked, Hillary Clinton
  33. …many, many people who should have apologized to me
  34. …all investigations into Donald Trump…WITCH HUNT!
  35. …Rachel Maddow — every fucking night that smart-alecky, rug muncher has to go sticking her nose in my business. Just so you know, I’m going to go ahead and totally destroy MSNBC, too, while I’m at it.”


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