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21 Reasons Why Donald Trump Jr. Never Smiles

Growing up in the shadow of his father’s hair shelf is just one reason why the president’s first born wears a perpetual frown

#1. The pain of hemorrhoids is no laughing matter.

#2: Someone watched too many Steven Seagal movies growing up.

#3. He suffers from “Resting Bastard Face.”

#4. In the cutthroat world of New York real estate a smile is code for “we allow black and minority tenants in our rental buildings” — so no sane landlord ever smiles.

#5. When you’re the heir to a throne, you don’t want your future subjects thinking you’re a pushover — better to go with the solemn, 2nd generation prick face.

#6. Someone is always about to punch Junior in the face, so he keeps his mouth closed to lose fewer teeth.

#7. Smiling is for faggots. And Donald Trump Jr. ain’t no faggot. Although he sometimes sits on a log like a faggot.

#8. His mother, Ivana, who is from Transylvania, taught him early on that keeping his lips closed in public was the best way to hide those big vampire incisors.

#9. Would you smile, ever again, if your creepy pervert father was caught on tape saying he liked to grab women’s pussies?

#10. The last time he tried to smile it looked more like he was trying to blow someone, and that just wasn’t attractive.

#11. As he walks through the streets of New York where he is considered a traitor and sewer scum — where women rush to dump their coffee on him, and men try to head-butt him between the shoulder blades — it’s best that he not attract unnecessary attention with trifles like a grin, a smile, or a chuckle.

#12. A solemn adult face makes him look smarter than his lobotomized younger brother.

#13. Keeping tight-lipped is the only way to swallow back the bile that rises up in your throat when you’re reminded that your last name is Trump.

#14. Misery and gloom runs in the family.

#15. He is having a contest with his brother — first one to laugh has to give his inheritance to the other.

#16. Smiling doesn’t go with the macho image of the fearless African big game hunter. (Note: the unarmed Cape buffalo in this photo isn’t smiling either.)

#17. Junior is super sad that the entire country of Scotland hates him and his family — and if Scotland is against you, Wales, Ireland, and Great Britain can’t be far behind.

#18. He’s seriously considering a bid for Mayor of New York City in 2017 — and he believes that if he smiles, even once, he’ll appear as feather-brained and frivolous as he really is.

#19. He hasn’t smiled since he learned that Jared Kushner has assumed the position of favored son.

#20. If there is any question about the validity of #8, here you can see brother Eric accidentally smiling and revealing the big vampire incisors. Good thing Don Jr. always remembers this anti-vampire injunction.

#21. And the most important reason why Donald Trump Jr. never smiles — because when he does it looks like this.


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